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New Archive:
Japan Budo Festival 2019 Dec 2019
We have once again invited by Katana HK to participate in its Japanese Budo Festival, performing with other Budo groups, including Iaido, Jodo and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, for the promotion of Japanese martial arts. During the event, our association president a makiwara sharei (a shooting ceremony with straw butt) and explained to the audience about the background of kyudo as well as the shaho-hassetsu (the eight stages of shooting). This event was supported by the Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong.
Japan-China Youth Kyudo Exchange Activity in Shanghai Nov 2019
Hosted by the Shanghai Seikoku Kyudo Kai and supported by the International Kyudo Federation, the Japan-China Youth Kyudo Exchange Activity aims to promote the exchange among Kyudo-jin, providing a learning opportunity to Kyudo-jin outside Japan, coupled with guidance from experienced Japanese Sensei. It allows participants to gain self-training perspective and identify ways to improve through this exchange.
A total of five members from HKKA enrolled in this event. In addition to receiving guidance from experienced senseis during the event, Kyudo-jin across China were able to learn from each other in the friendship competition organised on the last day of the event.
Southeast Asia Kyudo Gathering: The Philippines Oct 2019
The Southeast Asia Kyudo Exchange Gathering was hosted by Kyudo Philippines this year. Three members from HKKA participated in it. The event was held for two consecutive days in Makati, Philippines, which attracted Kyudo-jin from all over Southeast Asia. Under the theme of "Friendship", the event organised a series of activities, encouraging each participant making friends through the way of bow. In the individual and the team competitions at the event, our members succeeded in has achieved great satisfactory results, which was encouraging.
Open Day of a New HKKA Recognised Dojo: Zing Si Kyudojo Oct 2019
Established by four senior HKKA members, Zing Si Kyudojo is the first private kyudojo recognised by the Hong Kong Kyudo Association. After months of preparations, it is now officially opened. Zing Si Kyudojo held a special open day and invited all HKKA members to attend their opening ceremony; to introducing to each participating member about the characteristics of the setting, and sharing the background and process of setting up their dojo. During the event, our kyudo peers in Zing Si Kyudojo have impressed all the participating members with their passion and sincere dedication to kyudo. Located at Kam Sheung Road, N.T., the dojo provides five yamichi with a distance of 28 metres and offers regular practice and training classes. Public enquires on classes or visit are welcomed.
The School of Creativity Event Mar 2019
In March, we have hold a special class for the students and teachers from the HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity. The course has introduced some history and culture of Kyudo to the participants, and they also experienced some basic movements and shooting steps in Kyudo. It is believed that we and the students are much benefited respectively in terms of Kyudo promotion and experience of Japanese culture outside the students' regular course at school.
Hatsushakai Feb 2019
Hatsushakai has been successfully held and marked the the Lunar New Year. We witnessed the improvements of everyone through zasha performance, and the excitements at the asobimato (fun targets) competition. Even though the kinteki (golden target) had not been hit by any of us this year, the Hatsushakai and Shinnenkai still left us great joyful memories among our members and guests.
Getsureikai Jan 2019
We have held the first Getsureikai (Monthly Practice and Taikai) of the year. In 2019, Getsurekai are scheduled near the beginning of each month, and to include zasha with kimono, normal practice and taikai competition. Members are given the opportunity to practise at difference circumstances, and may their experience increases day by day. In addition, participated members had just received a special gift of the month!
Kyudo Friend from Russia Jan 2019
We have welcomed Kyudo friend from Russian, Rustam, this month. It is his second visit to us apart from 2016. After staying with us for a week, he expressed his delight with us, "I was looking forward to come to Hong Kong once more, and join your practice again so much. Being able to meet Kyudo fellows adds to my visit an additional joy and makes my stay complete in enough already beloved Hong Kong. Thank you for your hospitality, See you soon! Be it Hong Kong, Taiwan or Japan." Kyudo connects us and friendship blooms.